Anna Schuster is a sustainable fashion designer & futurist. A german-born fashion designer searching for alternative ways to improve the design process. Her mission is to discover what surrounds her to develop interdisciplinary collaborations with the aim to reuse resources, discover textile techniques and innovative materials.

She is interested in traditional craftsmanship from all around the world but also how technology and new developments can improve our work process. With her work, she is ready to challenge the current fashion industry and rethink the way we work as designers in the 21st century.

Her concepts are focused on our environment to emerge new strategies for the design process. For her, fashion design is combining design thinking with the right choice of aesthetics to use garments as a communication tool but keep the aspect of having a wearable garment for our everyday life.

Anna has a classical fashion design education in Fashion Design focused on recycling techniques and studied MA Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion. This study helped her to develop a design thinking that combines aesthetics with sustainable strategies. Her signature is to combine the research and development of my design process with another fashion or non-fashion discipline