Anna Taylor is a recent graduate in Fashion Design from Sheffield Hallam University. She has always been drawn to androgenous and unisex fashion, which is illustrated through her collection by pushing boundaries, taking risks and challenging convention.

During lockdown Annas exposure to social media increased, she noticed that young people were more active on social media and the influences had become central to their lives. It was obvious that the use of filters to change appearance, heavy make-up and social beauty standards have created a masking effect for these young people to feel that they need to fit in. Perceived imperfections and body dysmorphia contributed to the illusion of imperfection.

Anna has challenged the idea of the historic and sometimes stereotypical catwalk collection, where clothing that’s created is exaggerated and unwearable to feature a theme. She has embraced not only the exaggerated concept by the collection of the multiple garments being worn together but when taken in isolation, each garment can worn individually.

What Anna has created, is what is in essence timeless and unique and therefore challenging the idea of fast fashion. Her collection appears coordinated in design and colour but are actual reflections of augmentation, alteration and post-operative bruising. Anna wanted to create a collection that is beautiful to the eye but actually when you dive deeper the concept is ugly and therefor ‘False Identity’.