Annabel Stewart is a Fashion and Textiles designer currently based in London after graduating from The Scottish School of Textiles and Design in 2017 with a BA in Fashion. Raised in the Scottish Highlands, she had her eyes opened by the inspiration that could be found in the natural world that surrounded her. After graduating in 2017 she then went on to be a personal shopper/stylist-doing various internships in her free time. She decided to go back into education last year and is currently studying for a Masters in Fashion at Kingston School of Art.

Growing up in such a remote and isolated part of the world required Annabel to utilise her imagination. This skill has greatly benefited her in her adult life, providing a drive to create something from nothing whilst completely immersing herself in her work. Using sustainability as a driving force behind all her projects, she aspires to promote difference and change within the Fashion Industry.

Annabel believes that Fashion as an industry is beginning to recognise its social responsibility and has a rare opportunity to influence the public’s attitude and behaviour. It is as important as ever to inform the public on the economic/environmental toll of the fashion they are buying into. Introducing words such as ‘sustainability’ into people's everyday vocabulary allows the public to make a more informed and confident decision on which brand they want to be a part of and support. Designers can begin to take the initiative to help promote effective change. Annabel uses sustainable techniques as much as possible in her designs such as dying fabric with naturally sourced dyes and only natural fibres.