Aoibhe Maguire's sin inherited seeks to find purity in virtue of consumption’ and is her visual experience of faith growing up in a religious environment. The biblical preoccupation with the body as a vehicle of teaching; combined with childhood literal interpretation of unclean hands, teeth, breasts-milk and honey, flailing tongues, blood as sacred, flesh as consumable, is a macabre interpretation of faith and equates to unattainable levels of purity and a revulsion at the ‘unholy’ body. the search for reverence and immaculacy.

Aoibhe believes people, place and story are inherently conjugated together and exist interminably. Her generation in Ireland are the first to separate themselves from the catholic church, their childhood was filled with extensive revelations of abuse and she feels has also made them repudiate faith. She believes that we are on the road to forging a new image of faith, purity and reverence. that the image of to be ‘beheld’ is ours to define. We represent a grasp at juvenescence, an out-held hand.