Qiuyi Luo launched his brand ARC LUO in 2020. The collections include Arts-inspired silhouettes and creative cuts that demonstrate his amazing skills with both fabric and drape. ARC LUO is a uniform for the woman and man, founded on construction, and lovely textiles. “When a man blindfolded and stepped forward, he would inevitably end up walking on a curve instead of a straight line. I like the smoothness and uncertainty of the arc. The fusion of male and female body curves” Says by Qiuyi

He thinks fashion design is a form of artistic creation based on clothes. He uses various media and forms in his creation, such as collages, videos, animations, paintings, clothes, text, music, and interviewing…Exploring the unseen story behind things and the process of design development is his main interest. In Qiuyi’s opinion, the innovative design comes from two aspects, one is to break the old design habits, and the other is the new possibility brought by contemporary technology.