Arneta Nathlya is an Indonesian designer, currently she’s studying (BA) Fashion at Heriot-Watt University. She’s always looking for ways to develop and experiment ideas of fashion, trying to combine unconventional designs and materials while still being relatable to current trends.

‘GROWTH’ is a collection inspired by nature’s tangled networks and deep interconnectivity to cross pollinate ideas and solutions. Draw an ancient ingredients and materials for product development, seeking out new uses and combinations for plants and fungi.

Her collections constantly explore ways to incorporate a sustainable element, and for this particular collection, one of the design used Kombucha (vegan) leather that she grew herself using bacteria.

Using key themes from nature, Arneta explored various different techniques such as laser cutting, wiring, layering, reconstructing, draping and embroidery; making the garments look alive. Her collection also used fabric, silhouette and colour to explore the connectedness between humans and nature.