Ashley Lloyd is a Ready-To-Wear fashion brand, creating luxurious womenswear garments for the strong, the fearless and the bold. Currently studying at London College of Fashion His collection titled ‘Why do I feel oppressed as a black gay man’. explores the harsh realities of being a black gay man, growing up in a world that consistently attempts to oppress and control every fibre that is the black, the gay, the man.

The use of semiotics throughout the collection identifies emotions such as freedom through the use of peacock feathers, rope which displays the feeling of being restricted and bound, faux snake leather representing the shedding of skin and life, whilst the use of latex reflects the rebirth of the soul. The collection sees a mixture of textures layers and elements which all lend a hand to the story and overall depiction of the Ashley Lloyd Woman.

Coming from a single-parent household living in the south of London Lloyd saw his mother struggle yet put a brave face on, to overcome many obstacles in order to provide for him growing up. Seeing this form of strength and empowerment gave Lloyd the drive to start his own business. “Even though I am a male I relate to a number of women who put on their superhero costume to fight against the battles and challenges that life brings them, as my mother is also that superhero. I wanted to make womenswear garments as I wanted women to feel protected wearing my designs as if a piece of armour to protect them from any wars that may come their way”.

Lloyd’s focus is to create a world where these strong, bold vivacious and independent women exist and are uplifted, respected, and honoured.