‘Fashion is an art form through which we can fully express ourselves. We can make it ours, original, unique, and unpredictable. That is the reason why I love creating special items that have never been seen before. Fashion is a perfect means of combining all art forms and creating something incredible with elements from each of them. What draws me most to the fashion industry is the ability to start from an idea, a model, and then make it real.’

Beatrice D'Alessandro is a 2020 graduate Womenswear designer with the purpose of denouncing social and physical homologation. Her work is predominately inspired by physical and mental diversity. This is well expressed in her final collection where skin diseases are represented by seductive textures and colours to capture their beauty.

‘In our society skin still differentiates and defines us, taking precedence over our shared humanity, and the conception of beauty manufactured and promoted by the media and the fashion industry has much to do with it. Skin is the body’s largest and most visible organ. It is a determining factor not only in our appearance but also in our social and sexual relations. In a society like ours, physical appearance is fundamental for how we are perceived by others and hence in social integration. People with some kind of deformity or visible physical handicap find themselves in violation of social norms of beauty and encounter prejudice and rejection.’

Through her work, Beatrice wants to demonstrate the diversity is part of reality and it is beauty.