Beichen Guan is a Chinese Jewellery designer who graduated from Central Saints Martin BA Jewellery Design with an interest in architectural design and installation art.

Guan shaped her personal experience of teeth whitening into wearable pieces made from moulds of dental paraphernalia. The collection echoes the subversive beauty of 'black teeth' in some Asian cultures while questioning society's obsession with flawless beauty. Black is a sign of decay, but it also represents the charcoal used in the process of whitening.

The gradation of colours charts its own journey, playing between the binaries of black and white, the blemished and the impeccable. In their idiosyncratic way, the pieces re-image the peculiar language of intimacy.

After graduation, she will go to Japan for an internship, to learn more about Asian traditional jewellery techniques, improve her craftsmanship and find new inspiration from different countries.