I am Benita Srebaliute, a 3rd Year Fashion Textile student at Middlesex University London specialising in womenswear and knitwear. Throughout my time at Middlesex University I have learnt and improved many skills in both fashion design and textiles.

For the creative process I devote a lot of time, love, passion - till the creative product becomes perfect. I am a responsible, passionate and hard working person who looks forward to going the extra mile to accomplish all tasks. My life purpose is to make world more beautiful, I wish to create fashion that gives people a possibility to become happier and more self-confident.

“no one sees what you see even if they see it too”

My BA Graduate collection was inspired by the vast shapes and textures within the depths of the Grand Canyon, and by the colours and tones of insects trapped in Baltic amber. As a womenswear knit designer, I created multiple knitted textures from very light to heavy, using natural and synthetic yarns, experimenting with wool felting and paint. My textiles and collages represent the world surrounding us by its beauty, fascinating shapes and spectacular colours and by shooting my textiles back within women and nature, I hoped to highlight our relationship with nature and convey the message that we must stop damaging our world.