Brando Bizzotto born in Bassano del Grappa (VI) in 1998.

He studied languages, law and economics at Instituti Filippin in Paderno del Grappa (TV) where he got the diploma in 2017. Even if his previous high school studies were far from the world he is now working inside, since childhood he always cultivated his passions for arts, in particular fashion and cinema. Among the strongest memories of childhood there are the Saturdays and Sundays spent with his father, who is a fashion designer, whom played a fundamental role in choosing the path to take within the world of fashion.

From an early age he have always had a great passion for cinema, at the age of ten or eleven years old he used to spend entire afternoons watching 60s and 70s films and television series, recommended by his father.

At the time he could not understand the exact reason why he was so in love with those scenes, but as he grew up he realised that his gaze was interested in the character’s clothes, the locations and the atmospheres they transmitted. He gave much more importance to the aesthetics than to the story or narrative of these movies.

Those images gave him a feeling of nostalgia and distance towards something that no longer existed and it is perhaps thanks to these emotions that he understood what his path would have been from then on.

He firmly believe that his canons of taste and elegance were created thanks to the vision of all those feature films.

Cinema has always played as a crucial element in his inspiration process. For this reasons he decided to apply at Instituto Marangoni Milan where he graduated in Fashion Design Menswear (AFAM pathway) in February 2021. The university study period has been crucial in gaining more confidence and knowledge in fashion, thanks to the realisation of various projects which have led to the development of his sophisticated and mature canons of taste.