Finding peace in his paintings, Bryan aims to approach every aspect of life in a thoroughly thought out, precisely accurate process. He is an aspiring young fashion designer recently graduated from Norwich University of the Arts, who aims to tackle any task in front of him steadfast and sure-footed.

During the time when he was pursuing his BA in Fashion Design in Norwich University of the Arts, Bryan had always been focused on tried to create something that equally balanced the western influence of style whilst maintaining a thoroughly patriotic reflection on the heritage of Chinese aesthetics and culture in a subtle way. He also always tried to bridge the gap between Fine Art and Fashion in his own unique way, for example through his paintings.

“When your world is collapsing, when everything is closing in, what you want is to be somewhere else, somewhere you can breathe in peace, a scrap of beauty, far from the noise and ugliness but, if there is no escape then you go there in your dreams and you paint that landscape into existence.”

There were paths which made no sense at all and he moves his way through scrubby pines. In the fulture, Bryan will continue to pursuit his aspiration as a creative practitioner, trying to bridge the gap between all the cultures in the world through design, the Arts and especially Fashion, simple, interesting, understandable, beautiful cloths and pieces.