Carla Sobrini is a young designer from Argentina, Buenos Aires. She graduated in 2019 from the University of Buenos Aires UBA, FADU. Her graduation project was the following capsule collection titled ‘Anesthetized’. Her purpose is to use the design as a tool to question and transgress imposed and naturalized rules. Her designs express what is happening in the world regarding social, cultural and gender issues. She perceives fashion as a huge cultural manifestation, as a reflection of societies, of customs and values. In this line, her capsule demonstrates the advance of the women`s movement in Latin America.

Carla designs mean to generate visual messages, not only limited to aesthetics. In university she developed a personal artistic language and now she uses it to tell stories through fashion. Her design process includes the creation of a context and characters that give meaning to each garment. This generates a hole dreaming dimension adding the possibility of imagination and doubt.

‘Anesthetized’ collection manifests-deconstructs-resignifies socially established concepts in relation to women. It questions beauty paradigms and gender expectations as a cultural construction that limits the individual. Through dare and irony it breaks prejudice and shakes stereotypes.