Caterina Vio previously trained in fine arts and music in Venice, her home town, a place that gave her the privilege to grow up surrounded by craftsmanships and influenced by it's multiplicity of identities, elements that today form her identity as a designer. Her multicultural background started developing as a strength first in her painting while still studying in Venice, and it has remained a core element of her work, influencing her process and ideas. She explores the fashion world as a way of creating new languages and giving presence to identities within our society, creating a positive impact, not only in terms of recognition of the importance of human expressions but also from an ethical point of view, via a modern use of craft and responsibility around what we produce.

Her first collection ‘We were merchants of Venice’ came together by remembering, through new eyes, the world of a childhood in Venice. The use of storytelling and the use of collected materials and objets ‘trouvé’ to create intricate imagery, have become forming criteria in her work since then.

Constantly instructing her self about the evils of the fashion industry and trying to build her work and herself in opposition to the latter, gives Caterina an exiting challenge and purpose in entering this industry. Her intent is to create durable and deeply ‘thought through’ clothing, expressing ways of movement and exchange in our singularities.