Charlie Ann Buxton is a designer, specialising in Textiles Print. With a love for illustrating, her work is often described as surreal and dreamlike, influenced by 1960s art, while adding a contemporary touch. Recently graduating from Central Saint Martins, she has developed a collection of silk scarves, screen-printed with hand mixed dyes onto repurposed vintage silk.

Her collection titled Under The Mersey Wall, is a visual narrative of Merseyside, where Charlie grew up. Expressed through a series of silk scarves, highlighting her intricate artworks, reflecting poems about Merseyside. The scarves take inspiration from the 1960s poem book The Mersey Sound. Charlie also collaborated with local poet Daniel Astles, to give a contemporary perspective.

Her artworks are illustrated from these poems, using the words as inspiration. This project utilises waste material by stripping discarded scarves to no colour, often leaving a beautiful shadow of its former design. The entire collection has been screen printed by Charlie using hand mixed dyes onto second-hand scarves.

Her work combines hand drawn elements, digital drawing and her own photographs and typography in a collage approach. Influenced by 1960s art, Charlie’s work takes on a surreal, dreamlike, vintage style through an exploration of Merseyside’s forgotten seaside towns and unique fashion identity and culture.