Chloe is a textile print graduate from Central Saint Martins. Materially, sustainability and reinventing traditional crafts are key parts of Chloe's design process. she often finds her inspiration from studying history, craft, and the story behind materials.

Chloe loves to experiment with different approaches during her research, including photography and drawing and burning, hole punching and stitching to tell the narrative of the traditional craftsmanship. A huge part of Chloe practice involves working with natural and rust dyeing. She works around the digital and hand-made skill cycle. Starting from an imprint of rust dying, converting to digital pattern, manipulating into a print and finishing it with hand embroidery.

The project 'The story of the Iron Gate' celebrate Chloe’s family's experiences working in the ironwork industry and connected with the sustainable concept of repurposing bi-products from the ironwork industry. She uses techniques such as rust dyeing, natural dyeing to experiment with different ways to incorporate intricate pattern design into natural pigment. In her collection, Chloe has explored various ways to incorporate fabric and metal by categorizing them into four different ways of integrating iron in her work: burning, dyeing, embroidery and printing with metal. She uses natural fabrics such as cotton and silk to explore the weights, qualities, and absorbency of natural pigments and looks at how the weight and surface of the material react with the shadow's reflection in a dark environment and explores how light and time impact the process of making.