Zoe Chutong Huang is a 3rd year of study at Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Desgin course.

Her collections constantly explore ways in transformative jewellery with this particular collection doing so through give every single item multiple functions, allowing the wearer to explore and give it new possibilities.

Everything has multiple possibilities. Nothing will end ultimately. When one thing ends, it often conceives the beginning of another. All death is a new life. Plants have a short cycle and its lifetime are one of the few things that people can observe fully. Therefore, people make the best use of it, from the old lady who sales temporary ornaments made of flowers on the street, to the artist Joan Fontcuberta who uses props to mimic plants. They reused the temporary nature of plants, and when it was almost over, give it a new role and change its original definition. She extracted different types and states elements of plants and combine them to form an imaginary "plant skeleton". These plant frames and multi-functionality highlight the short cycle of reincarnation.