Ciara Allen is a unisex designer based in Dublin, Ireland. Ciara received her International BA studying at the National College of Art and Design Dublin with an Erasmus year in Nottingham Trent University England. Ciara creates designs that are loud, bright and bold. For people who want to stand out from the crowd and who aren't afraid to be different. Colour, print and textiles are a huge driving force behind Ciara's work. “Z.Z.R.'' The title of her degree collection explored her family's connection to motorbiking throughout the generations from her Grandfather to her Dad. Having early childhood memories of her Dad coming home from work on his motorbike, dressed in the necessary gear. Using this motorbike gear as inspiration for the form and shape. The key concept of the collection became about the idea of Vulnerability vs. Protection and contrasting these two themes.

How the motorbike gear is the only thing keeping you safe in quite a dangerous position. Z.Z.R. has elements of both vulnerability in some garments and protections in others. The idea of adrenaline involved with motorbiking was explored through the use of a vibrant colour pallete. Using the colours seen when driving on the road, the colours of the city and roadworks to inform this colour palette. Print is a key element for this collection. The motorbike lights themselves and photos of lights on the road at night were used as the source for creating her own repeat print patterns. The contrast of traditional and modernity can be seen throughout this collection through the use of materials and techniques such as the use of Donegal Yarn and traditional hand knitting contrasted with modern waterproof fabrics, digital prints and coated materials.