CICLO is a ready-to-wear plurisex brand founded in 2018 by based Argentinian Fashion Designers Carolina Nicolucci, Catalina Peralta Martinez and Micaela Pena graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Urbanismo.

They met while studying Apparel Design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. In addition to becoming great friends they created Ciclo, a clothing brand that first led them to be finalists of the Fase Emergente Puro Diseño (2018) and, almost immediately, in March of the past year, to stand out in another important design contest in New Zealand, the ID Dunedin Fashion Week.

For them, design is a way of communication. “We conceive ourselves as cultural managers. It was never just doing something nice to sell. The important thing is always to think about what you want to tell, communicate and work on that message”.

The designers seek to erase barriers of gender, age and body by creating apparels that adapts to the body and not vice versa, wiping out the stereotyped silhouette.

Somehow, they agree, the design in the world is becoming aware of the environmental problem. “The tendency is to create more personalized design, far from the big brands or mass consumption" They align to the challenge trying to find fabrics that remain as leftovers in textile.