Daoyuan Ding is a menswear designer, graduated from UAL London College of Fashion MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear course.

Ding worked previously at Uniqlo in Tokyo and Shanghai as a designer, and a local brand in Shanghai as menswear line founder before heading to London to earn a Masters degree in his passion.

Ding’s graduation collection, titled Migratory Vagueness expresses the vagueness of objects and human identities. It tells a story where nothing is really defined, represented by The Uncanny, in which the familiar is unfamiliar.

In his graduation collection, Ding re-invented the classical houndstooth pattern by defining two colour threads and the fabric as two different object statuses. He then mixed these two statuses together using jacquard technique. He invented “transformative” garments which can be transformed between the coat and suit, and the bag and suit through pattern cutting.

The final identities wearing the wide-brimmed hats, neck warmers and gloves created the vague identities who exist in the grey zone, where dream meets reality.