Darshita was born and brought up in Mumbai, India a city that never sleeps, where rush hour is the only hour. Where anyone who gets dressed under five minutes is called fashionable. Where fashion was called what her elder siblings wore. Where fashion was created by repeating itself from her grandma’s closet. Nothing could’ve been ever more sustainable than finding ideas in your grandmothers closet. She believes you can wear who you are.

A simpler way to connect people.Sustainable fashion is a design concept and movement that emphasises social and environmental responsibility. Sustainable fashion is described as clothing, shoes, and other accessories that are manufactured and utilised in the most socially and socioeconomically ethical way possible.Each part of the garment has been made with utmost attention and keeping the sustainability aspect in mind.

The Fabric used is generally the waste fabric with is the manipulated with the help of a heat gun. The acrylic pieces used are waste of the left at the end of the sheet. The fabric straps are used in many places which were the leftovers found. Her work has been published in various newspapers by the institute as well as various social media platforms. She generally get inspired by something that more by the people and for the people. As we say it is all curated by YOU, ALL FOR YOU.