Graduated from MA Design (Jewellery) CSM UAL, Dian Chen is now working as an independent jewellery artist in London and Beijing. She uses conceptual jewellery and other body-linked objects as her primary media. Materializing complex concepts, Chen gives a thoughtful debate about the topics of feminism, identity, and gender.

In her recent project “Queer Beard & Cyborg Rainbow”, Chen conducted in-depth review on the historical aspects of LGBTQ rights and formed a bold imagination on a post-human cybor future. With a strong factor of humour, this project intends to blur our pre-set opinions about body, gender and sexuality and provoke open questions for the wearer to form their own thoughts.

Holding a believe that Jewellery is not only a decoration on our body, but also an long-lasting expression of what we stand for, Chen established her own studio -- Ddesign in a vision of taking conceptual jewellery into a wider market as well as audience.