With a keen eye for fashion jewellery and curating contemporary design, Dijun Sha is a recently graduated Fashion Jewellery designer from London College of Fashion based in London.

To Dijun, a sustainable design approach is to get inspiration from the surroundings, theories, and wastes. Then carried on to design Jewellery pieces that should be produced in recyclable materials and waste less during prototyping.

Contemporary Jewellery values more than just beauty. As a designer, she aims to create expressive jewellery pieces that facilitate interactions between the wearer, the viewer, and the surrounding environment.

She wants to create work that can be experienced on many different levels under immersive experience. For this collection, she has explored the relationship between body and space through the idea of shadows. Especially focusing on the process of revealing through shadow. Although Shadow was defined negatively in common, she positioned to transfer the positive aspects of shadow as shapes inspired by the calligraphy or hand-written notice board to wearable physical and digital jewellery pieces.