My name is Domenica, I was born in Ecuador in 1997, although I grew up and grew up in Madrid. I come from a family led by women, which is known as a matriarchy. I am grateful for all the values that they transmitted to me and for all the things that they taught me and that to this day they still teach me. This is precisely where my interest in fashion arises. I developed my studies at the Madrid Higher Fashion Design Center, at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Her collections explore the female empowerment, where sexuality, eroticism and especially romantic love play an important role in each stage of the collection's development. I firmly believe that the role of women begins to have relevance now more than ever, given that at some point in history, the image of women was constantly treated as a “no-place”: an empty space, without history, ephemeral, mutable and relative.

Most of the silhouettes are wrapped in corsets, stylizing the female bust and providing greater sensuality to the waist, often with cuts on the sides and wrapping the waist with fine feathers in different colors, which inadvertently transfer us to the mythical ones. outfits by Dita Von Teese. Asymmetrical but forceful lines that soon become present through an independent and individual sexuality, which only an empowered and free woman can possess.