Elisa Gentile is a luxury brand, specializing in couture ready to wear. The brand embodies a sense of individuality and creativity with the emphasis of passion. Through art & innovation, collections achieve an original style, true to the designer’s values . Elisa Gentile focuses on craftsmanship, quality and fit throughout each piece.

Each piece is handmade in Toronto, Canada. Fabric selection and attention to detail are at the forefront of our process, ensuring that each piece is made to perfection with the highest degree of quality.

As a recent graduate, Elisa Gentile is exploring collections in relation to art and intention. Her most recent ready to wear collection, Ruhe focuses on a state of calmness.

Influenced by art compositions and light studies, Ruhe tells a story of self-reflection with an emphasis of light. Through various layers, panelling, and colour choices, this Ready-to-Wear collection aims to achieve an empowering yet calming aura. Ruhe expresses self-fulfilment and the recognition of one’s strength.