With a passion for colourful prints and reconstructable sustainabile fashion Elise keeling is a 2020 fashion textiles; print graduate in the process of starting her own brand following on from her graduate collection ‘Pretty- Ugly festival’.

Elise k=Keelings initial idea stemmed from her experiences at music festivals for her ‘Pretty - Ugly Festival’ collection. It is a contrast between the beauty of a festival and the chaos it leaves behind.

She wanted to create a body of work that shows the beauty of a festival, the getting ready, the make-up, the glittered outfits, music, joyfulness, fun but also that grungy chaos side that occurs slowly, where everything left behind is a mess. Rubbish is left, sleeping bags have been dragged through the mud, tents are sprawled across the fields deserted with rubbish and dirty laundry is left. Also, the mess of lack of sleep, no washing, alcohol and drugs and loud music can do to change someone’s appearance. Her primary focus was: the personal transformation from beauty to chaos and mess. The secondary was: the ecological sustainability awareness of the world. Again, the theme of ‘mess and chaos’ are brought through here, with the amount of rubbish that is left behind after the festival. The metaphor of physically wrapping ourselves up in rubbish at the festival; and the world being bound up and choked by waste. Her concept addresses sustainability and ethical practice through encouraging young people to be more sustainably aware of their detritus, littering the once beautiful landscape. She gets you to think about how humans transform what is beautiful and orderly into something which is ugly and chaotic. Elise’s message is: to protect the beauty of nature and the natural world; and to create a constant discourse around the need for sustainability both in fashion – and in society. We need to recognise the need for change when it comes to handling festival waste, and come up with more solutions to suggest on how to combat against it.

This collection is still very fashion forward, a beautiful high fashion statement even, created using recycled sleeping bags and other sustainable materials that have been taken apart and reconstructed back together, the sustainably also comes through in my prints showing the trash and waste that has been left behind.