Ella Fletcher is particularly interested in how clothes can express a philosophy of life and contribute to an all-encompassing art lifestyle. Looking at Greek architecture, she has explored the light and dark principle of design through drawing and collage. She has developed processes that, like her collages, remove isolated shapes to create pattern. Exploring how negative and positive space can transform two-dimensional drawings into sculptural fabrics, She has created textiles that stretch and contort around the curves of the body, that bounce and move with life.

Odd colour combinations and unique textures create eye-catching textiles, begging the question, ‘how is that knitted?’. These fabrics urge to be touched. They are not static, the tactility and movement of the knit changes with the body, the patterns stretching with the weight of the fabric. Knitted across the full bed of the machine these fabrics shrink in with the structure, thus creating a heavy fabric that you want to wrap yourself in.