With a keen eye for colour, trend, fun style and sustainability, Elle Barclay is a recently graduated Menswear designer based in Kent/London.

Until Summer 2019, when Elle was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University, she had always been focused on how to encourage the move away from fast fashion and toward sustainability by experimenting with timeless pieces in new ways.

Her collections explore ways to incorporate a sustainable element, with this particular collection doing so through the use of end of roll fabrics and left overs to be creative, think smart, and adapt your design to create something beautiful using only what is available to you.

Using key inspiration from ‘The Dapper Rebels’ of LA, Elle explored various different techniques such as fabric manipulation, unique styling, reconstructing garments and innovative pattern cutting; giving traditional mens design a new lease of life. Her collection also used a wide range of fabric, silhouettes and bold colour to explore rebellion, freedom, energy, and individuality.