With a love for digital design, Ellee Dean is currently a student at Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Summer 2021, when Ellee was completing her HND in Art & Design (Textiles) she discovered her interest in colour when working with digital design.

Ellee’s collections always explores colour and composition when working on digital designs, changing the colours of her drawings dramatically when it comes to designing. Ellee loves to work with vivid colours as colour plays an important role in her work, as she believes it is a powerful form of art that can change the aspect of anything. Colour also speaks a lot in designs and can make your work come across as energetic or calming due to the tone and colour.

Every collection Ellee has done is different as each collection has a different theme. As for her ‘Alantis’ collection, Ellee questioned if sustainability and technology can co-exist where she decided to create a collection of marine animals, showing the beauty of the creatures of the deep that are dying due to suffocation and indigestion due to plastic build up throughout our oceans. She use techniques such as drawing, computer aided design and printing to develop her collection. She believed she was able to answer her question by creating a collection raising awareness of natural beauty we currently have, creating sustainable awareness through digital design.