Empty Brains is a radical punk inspired label that was established in response to the current political and environmental crisis by Jay Sebastian Williams. Created by one person and a sewing machine out of Bristol, UK for nearly 3 years. After sourcing deadstock pieces, garments are de and re- constructed, and embellished through processes of print, embroidery, and patchwork.

Underpinned by a dogmatic approach to sustainability and an appreciation of old school punk aesthetics. Empty Brains is just as much an activist art project as a brand. The aim is to use clothing as a platform to discuss important social, environmental, and political issues.

Their degree collection ‘End Blind mass consumption’ explored the incredibly destructive effect blind mass consumption has on our planet and our minds. As a planet we consume too much, too often. Making materials more sustainable will help the climate situation, but the root of the problem is attitudes towards consumption. Combining aspects of both, I reworked timeless second-hand clothing and covered them in screen patches. Bold controversial slogans to grab the attention ‘TRENDS MUST DIE’ and more complex satirical designs to explore it in in greater depth, because the pope crouched beneath capitalist angels playing poker needs to be seen!

I took inspiration from the criminal connotations of stripes, suggesting that ignoring climate change is now a crime. The militant khaki camo was pulled from my interest in punk and reggae sound system culture and the way they subvert and rework war uniforms into an individual statement of protest. Discover the truth of the fashion industry and educate yourself - DON’T BUY BLIND BUY INFORMED.