Eva Neuburger is a womenswear and print designer, brand consultant and trained chef based in London and Vienna. A recent Central Saint Martin graduate, she is now focusing on building a sustainable textile print workshop in Vienna. Neuburger is also working on a zero-waste Capsule Collection entirely made of deadstock materials.

In her graduate collection, Neuburger explores the idea of Ecofeminism. She claims that nature and women are treated very similarly in capitalist and patriarchal societies. They are objectified, colonized and exploited. It is crucial for Neuburger to point out that the only way to secure the future existence of mankind is to see nature as our ally and treat it accordingly.

By using mostly deadstock or waste materials to create her graduate collection, Neuburger wants to show that we need to steer away from overproduction and balance our overconsumption. Instead of wool, she used milk and rose stem fibre, both waste products of the food and florist industry. The shoes are handcrafted entirely of plastic waste and one dress has been created out of paper waste from her digital prints.

The prints were inspired by long journeys on foot through the Bohemian Woods, the region Neuburger grew up in and with a family history in forestry, it seemed only natural to investigate the utility wear her father and brother are wearing in the forest.