Farah Nasir is a London based Graphic and Print designer, specialising in prints for Fashion. It all started with the love for illustration and surface patterning, which gradually developed into an interest in fashion and how it was used as a mean to express and liberate individuals. Believing that it’s a form of art, her work had started to morph from simple drawings to patterns for the body.

The inspiration is derived from nature as well as traditional South Asian craftsmanship; Pakistan is known for their expertise and unique techniques in textiles dating back to several decades. Especially with the textile industry booming in Pakistan as of lately, the use of paisleys and traditional Pakistani art has become a source of inspiration within Farah’s work, re-working embroidery and needle-work into prints. Some of the ideas for her prints comes from her closet, traditional garments often are heavily adorned with embroidery, patchwork or beading in a pattern or dotted around in small motifs.

Her handwriting is feminine and detailed, with an emphasis on decorative motifs. Her work consists of intertwining components and heavily ornate subjects adorning the space. Farah aims to bring the art and culture of Pakistan to life, to distract the eye by filling the empty space. A lot of repetition is used, she also works with a lot of geometric compositions that seem to blend all the elements perfectly.

Farah Nasir was born in Pakistan, later moving to the UK at the age of 10. She had managed to keep in touch with her roots and constantly incorporates that in her work. However, there are some influences of British quintessential art and culture that can be spotted throughout. Her passion for art developed at a young age, however, it wasn’t until the actual move that her creativity sparked to life by studying fine art for 5 years. Her work has been sold to the Inditex Group, H&M, Trouillet, Gustav-Denmark, Amanda Wakeley, Vero Moda, Miss Etam and Create & Barrel.