Farrah Highton is a fashion design 2018 graduate, specialising in knitwear for womenswear based in Nottingham. Passionate about sustainability and design for the future of textiles, her work explores ways to be inventive and innovative through slow fashion. Her collection explores ways to portray a visual representation of a chaotic mind, through a make do and mend approach, deconstruction and repairing. The aim is to communicate who she is, showing the world the visualisation of her inner self through her designs. With a love for all things oversized and comfort, her design process used picking apart second-hand menswear patterns and styling of her own everyday ‘casual’ go items in her wardrobe to drive silhouette and shape.

Farrah’s dissertation explored the mindfulness in knitting and ‘How does the act/ craft of knitting discipline and have an impact on the body and mind?’ Mindfulness can provide an education on how to observe. Knitting requires every stitch, row and pattern to be thoroughly thought through as this will be a learning tool for the mind to learn new techniques and skills. Although suffering from anxiety and depression, and all that came with it, knitting for Farrah was a way to slow down. a way to signify how she’s feeling, through colours and textures pouring this into her collection ‘Controlled Chaos’.