Living in a material world… On the second day of our Fashion Crossover London Slow Fashion Week - Digital Event, we focus our attention on the materials necessary to create a collection.
Our three Fashion Crossover London designer look toward more natural materials for their fabrics, finding sustainable solutions in Pineapple, flowers and even Kombucha waste are Eden Keshia, Riina Oun and Omaia Jallad, each pushing the boundaries of fabrics and how to gather, grow or recycle them in an effort to build on a more innovative and sustainable future.

Starting today’s FCLSLOWFASHIONWEEK is avant-garde designer Eden Keshia, who has a particular love for experimenting with different embellishments, patterns and textures to create glamorous unique designs that make you want to get dressed up to the nines!

Through artisan and traditional work using sustainable materials, Eden Keshia creates designs that are made with love and made to last. Each garment is constructed with it holding a special place in your heart and the thought of it lasting forever. Eden Keshia has shown us that the possibilities for elegant design are limitless.

Based between Jordan and London, Omaia Jallad is an accessories designer with a degree in Textiles Design. She creates unique designs that redefine the term luxury while aiming to change consumers’ perception of tangible goods to intangible that holds so much more than just a fleeting memory.

Omaia Jallad incorporates three forms of sustainability into her designs, through materials, technique and concept. These aspects show the importance of craftsmanship and time she invests into her designs, which can be seen in her beautiful end products as she perseveres her floral arrangements for eternal beauty.

Closing off our second day of the Fashion Crossover London’s Slow Fashion Week – Digital Version, we speak with Riina Oun who has created a fully sustainable vegan leather, by turning Kombucha wastage into this unique biomaterial. The Fashion Crossover London designer uses this advanced material for her handbag and accessories and proves to us all, that there are no limits when it comes to sustainable alternatives.

Specialising in luxury leather gloves and recently expanding into the area of bio-design with handbags, as she designs and creates beautiful sustainable accessories from the waste of all environment-enthusiast favourite drink: Kombucha!


Stay tuned for Day Three of our Fashion Crossover London Slow Fashion Week - Digital Event where we will be exploring fabric!




Words by Rebecca Jackson