With a degree in BA Textiles Design from Central Saint Martins, Omaia Jallad is an accessories designer based in Jordan and London, who is inspired by making one off designs that act as a tangible documentation of an intangible narrative.

During her time at Central Saint Martins, Omaia has developed a passion for using found objects, particularly organic and natural in her work, as a way to sustain memories, as a form of opulence that orbits the whole experience of the design. She likes to call her designs ‘metaphorical ruins’ that document the past in the present.

There is no doubt that the concept of decay has long been the biggest inspiration in her work. But what is it about decay and ruins that is most alluring? Why do people gravitate towards it? It all has to do with time, and our constant yearning for experience of it that goes beyond regular human experience. She believes that the time where an objects goes through its decaying phase lives outside the human culture and ignores our existence. Yet, in reality even humans are constantly decaying, where according to Shakespeare ‘And so, from hour to hour we ripe and ripe, and then, from hour to hour we rot and rot, and thereby hangs a tale’.

‘Through my photographs, I was able to bring my pieces to life. Focusing on using glasses of water as my main theme, I am representing the beauty of the passage of time, where the water, no matter how fluid can stay still during the shots, giving a sense of a timeless past within a fast-paced present.

This photoshoot is a collaboration between a multidisciplinary team of creatives that made my vision come true, and helped develop my concept into a visual diary’.

Photographer: Aya Nashashibi Stylist & creative director: Nereen Sbeitan Model: Dina Dajani Designer: Omaia Jallad