Faye Picknell is a Fashion and Textile Designer: Print student, soon to be graduate designer from The University for The Creative Arts: Rochester. Lady is her UK based brand created to house her third-year collection Gloriously Vulgar. Faye’s British culture is heavily evident within her brand. It is the starting point and inspiration for all her work, with her current collection highlighting the stereotypical ideals of the British class system. Faye aims for Lady to be a brand that can create something glorious out of the vulgar, putting two fingers up to common taste and redefining what is commonly deemed as fashionable.

Her current collection Gloriously Vulgar was created with the intension of putting the arse in class. The collection embodies what is seen as: too popular, too excessive, too exposed, the use of excessive branding and anything controversial to common taste. Playing closely along the line of glorious and vulgar alongside an interest in British culture her prints combine detailed drawings of objects stereotypically related to each of the social classes. Faye pairs vulgar prints with high end fabric such as fur and silk with excessive jewellery to show extreme lavish, and luxury. Taste differentiates between the classes it is these stereotypical ideals from each class that make up her collection creating a juxtaposition of glorious and vulgar depending on personal taste.