Since her early days footwear designer, Assiya Daribekova, has always been passionate about shoes. At the age of 21, Assiya opened her own footwear store presenting the most beautiful shoes, before becoming a multiple entrepreneur, consultant and designer.

Fields of Gold founder and designer, Assiya, created the brand through one style, one pattern and six colours. With a personal meaning behind the brands name and logo, Assiya paid homage to her homeland of Kazakhstan and the infinitive fields of wheat which shine gold in the summer sun.

Each pair of shoes are hand embroidered one by one, each pearl stitched. Assiya uses precious materials such as; silk, velour and leather for her luxurious footwear. The special Fields of Gold packaging, consists of a beautiful box that can be reused or as a decorative feature in your wardrobe.

Following the launch of Fields of Gold, Assiya was personally invited to partake in the annual Tranoi September 2018 trade show in Carrousel du Louvre Paris, followed by a trip to London’s Scoop February 2019 , displaying her beautiful shoes to worldwide TOP buyers.