Soft Noodle is a UK based brand run by, soon to be graduate designer, Fiona Murphy, of The University For The Creative Arts: Rochester. Undertaking her degree in the midst of the current climate crisis she felt it was essential to create a low impact, sustainable, up-cycled collection. With a passion for a sustainable fashion future she merges up-cycling and re-purposing second hand materials with a maximalist yet naive, childlike aesthetic approach to print and garment shape.

Her current collection embodies a personal anxiety surrounding climate change with her absolute passion for the colour green. Each outfit represents a different environmental issue we face as a world, as well as a dream utopia for the future. Fiona combines screen and dye sublimation print methods to create clashing textures and colours between the natural and synthetic fabrics This collection, titled “Oh Green World” pays homage to a childhood lost to climate change, and an attempt to reclaim a sense of childlike naivety through expressive yet politically driven prints.