Gabriela Guaña is a knitwear designer with a Textile Design degree from Central Saint Martins based in London. She is fascinated about working with pattern, textures, colour and natural materials to explore ways to preserve traditional techniques from Ecuador. She takes inspiration from her culture, the vibrant colours of traditional costumes and beautiful landscapes. Gabriela aims to represent where she is from through her fabrics whilst also finding new ways to modernise techniques from Ecuador.

Sustainability played an important aspect in her designs as she aimed to experiment with natural dyeing yarn and beans. She has used upcycled yarns in her work and trapped recycled items and legumes found in her home to create resin beads. The inspiration behind Gabriela's collection originated from Ecuadorian indigenous tribes. She observed their traditional clothing, patterns and the meaning behind the symbols painted on their faces. Her interest in using natural products began to grow as she explored ancient natural dyes that indigenous people have access to on the amazon, annatto and black wituk are found which is used to paint their bodies.