A diverse passion and curiosities allow Ge to explores and expresses different ideas through fashion.

The experience of living in Barcelona for 10 years before the university introduced Ge arts and designs from the western world. During the three years of BA in Fashion Design at Birmingham City University, Ge gained knowledge not only in the fashion techniques but also the ability to create designs that merge the Asian and Western cultures.

The final major project from the BA course gave Ge the opportunity to form different components of the brand Serendpty, from designs to branding. The bright pastel colour palette and details such as pleats and ruffles are the key features of the brand. The brand specifically focuses on young women that are willing to express their own femininity through fashion. The designs could be smart, sexy or cute; the vast options of garments invite to mix and match into your own style. This interactive relationship between consumers and the brand is established in every detail of Serendpty; from the black and white packaging, collective postcards freebies and designs.

Full brand book link: https://issuu.com/annyye/docs/serendpty_brand_book_