Gemma is a recent graduate designer based in York, she graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2018 with a BA Hons degree in Fashion Design.

She has always been proud of her northern roots and appreciates the beauty of her city and its surrounding countrysides. By using the local nature and gardens of North Yorkshire as a main source of inspiration, Gemma’s Graduate collection has a notion of texture and surface pattern which have been formed into a crafted like feeling with an essence of nature. With her fascination of illustrative and textured detailing, she was instantly drawn to the idea of creating garments of tactility and surface.

A multimedia of hand crafting techniques and laser cutting have been formed into elegant and textured surfaces onto preppy high end contemporary design, her designs are created with intense crafting techniques such as hand paint, hand working, appliqué, and fabric overlaying using quality fabrics such as wool blends and leathers.

Her work provokes a message of how the importance of craft should not be lost in a world full of digitised and mechanical manufacturing techniques the fashion industry is now heavily involved with. She only views the machine as a useful tool to enhance and aid further creativity in craft and humane skill, and believes that no machine should take full control of a creatives work.