Genieve Vasconcelos is a sustainable fashion designer of special, bespoke objects of desire, for people with taste and style. Genieve is an imaginative, forward thinking designer, who graduated in BA Fashion Design, at the acclaimed London College of Fashion. In Genieve’s first year at university, her extraordinary designs were selected to be exhibited at the ‘Glacéau Vitamin Water’, sponsored exhibition, at the old Truman Brewery, and also showcased at the ‘Seams’ event, at the Hoxton arches. In year two of her degree she created a collection that was featured in a fashion show and received remarkable reviews in ‘Idol Magazine’. This show catapulted her extraordinary designs into the fashion industry arena. Genieve’s passion for collaborations has given her the opportunity to work with many fashion industry professionals.

One of her most notable collaborations, was an extraordinary project for the high street store, H&M. Genieve was commissioned to design a large scale couture dress made from recycled clothing! This stunning creation, was displayed in the main window of one of H&M’s flagship stores, for fashion recycling week! The ‘Urban Tribes’ collection, is a fusion of three urban subcultures. The garments are inspired by Jamaican Dancehall music, Hip-Hop and Graffiti.

Genieve’s ‘Urban Tribes’ collection was selected to open the London College of Fashion’s prestigious Press Fashion Show 2019. This outstanding collection is a personal interpretation and visual expression of the three urban subcultures, which are viewed as safe spaces, for an individual to live out shared or desired realities. She states “I practice what I call ‘Zero Waste Thinking’ in my work. This uses the same concept to produce very different outcomes”. Genieve’s unique views on sustainability contributes to what makes her collection exclusive. This practice began in Genieve’s 2nd year at University and continued when developing her graduate collection which resulted in a fully digital printed range of athleisure clothing.