GIUSEPPE DANZA is native from an Apulian family, he was born in Bari, Italy on February 20, 1999. He grew up surrounded by art, with his great-grandfather being a tenor, his grandmother a painter, and his father is a graphic designer. From an early age, Giuseppe was fascinated by music and drawing. After attending middle school, he enrolled at the DeNittis Artistic High School in Bari, pursuing the graphic path, where additionally to beco- ming familiar with professional programs, he continued to develop skills in drawing and painting. During the fourth year of college, he begins to combine his artistic passion with his fierce interest for fashion. He spends much of his time experimenting,designing clothes and accessories.He moved to Milan and enrolled at the Istituto Marangoni, he graduated in Fashion Design and Accessories (Womenswear with pathway). Giuseppe applies his creativity in a very versa- tile way: clothes, accessories, jewelry, glasses and shoes.