Hana is a recent 3DDA Foundation graduate, specialising in jewellery at Central Saint Martins and is continuing her journey at CSM BA Jewellery Design.

The Seducer's Gift is based on the Art of Seduction, a book written by Robert Greene from which a lot of the information and inspiration was gathered. Blow - Flutter - Strum. These series of sensual jewellery pieces are focused on the erogenous zones of both men and women. They are to be a gift from the seducer to their 'victim.' Only the seducer can trigger the seduction by interacting with the jewellery, by either blowing, strumming or fluttering the jewellery. Their 'victim' can only wear and expose them to the seducer. It is almost a dance between the two or three. One initiates and the other takes it further.

This was a study of attraction. Experimenting with the senses and triggering different responses with different tools. With seduction being seen as sexual attraction, Hana wanted to challenge the idea of physical seduction with a more sensual approach. This causes constant tension between the wearer and the seducer, therefore adding to the excitement and desperation of touch. This is seduction through jewellery.

Hana's interest in human interaction was a driving force for her project. Whether it be physical, mental or emotional, Hana aims to heighten, challenge or twist these interactions. Adding more weight to human connection and triggering responses from the wearer is reflected in Hana's work.