Hannah Gilbert is a young British designer who spent most of her childhood playing sport and creating art. Through sport, Hannah appreciates working in a team and recognises the power of female comradery. She graduated from the Kingston School of Art in 2019.

From studying art and design throughout her education this demonstrates her ability to work independently. Travelling has influenced Hannah to observe all the different women of the world and appreciates how their roles vary between different cultures. She highlights her belief in dressing women with clothes that make them feel independent and powerful, and ready to take on any mission.

These life experiences combined with her interests have lead Hannah to specialise in sportswear design yet with notions of high-fashion. Her goal is to design innovative, long-lasting sportswear that will encourage people to be more active and to create a healthier society, as well as a cleaner planet.

“I am a thorough believer in making the world a better place through design and sportswear. By influencing people to be more caring for their body through physical activity and mindfulness this should encourage them to care more for the planet. I design for the future with the intention to lead a cleaner path for society to follow.”