Scottish born, London College of Fashion Womenswear Graduate Hannah Ross was inspired by human existence and the unexpected contradictions that surround everyday life in her SS20 collection. With reference to the work of Austrian Artist Erwin Wurm - specifically his 1997 Palmers series, Hannah focused on questioning her own personal style by photographing herself for a full year, drawing inspiration from her bright green duster coat, yoga clothes and men's charity shop tailored suit jackets - all of which were initial catalyst for her collection.

The rapid realisation is a key component within the designer's design process, using existing garments - in this case, her own - to create shape and silhouette by allowing her to explore formalisation in a creative way - similarly to the workings of Erwin Wurms “One Minute Sculptures”.

By interpreting Wurm’s methodology Hannah explores the relationships we have with everyday, familiar clothing - which have been intentionally manipulated to represent our own reality.