Holly Docherty is a soon to be BSc Fashion Technology graduate, from Heriot Watt University in the Scottish borders. This course provided her with a thorough understanding of the design process, construction methods and fabric specifications as well as introducing CAD technology to reduce production time during her projects. While studying at this institution she explored her desire for creative fashion design in a sustainable manner. She illustrates the incessant environmental damage, conflicted by consumer demands and finds it important to respond to this in her work.

Her honours collection named ‘Clear Ambition’, exemplifies just that. It focuses on recycled plastic fabric and explores the idea that this can be used in commercial womenswear design. This collection taps into the ever-growing climate crisis, highlighting the harmful effects of plastic pollution on our planet. Holly’s work inspires us to think in more innovative and unconventional ways, to help in combating pollution. 100% of the fabric used in her garments has been repurposed from ocean waste, into new techno-fabrics called econyl and rPET. Her concept is truly stimulating and has never been more pertinent.

The collection was fuelled by her love for the ocean and attempts to represent the vulnerable species living within it. Her statement piece which specifically focuses on the delicate silhouettes of jellyfish, addresses this in a formidable manner. By concentrating on the fluid forms and contrasting textures of life under the sea, as well as combining modern day trends, this project aims to reach a wide market with its clear ambition.