Holly Farrow is a womenswear designer graduating from her BA at the University of Derby in 2020.

Holly’s inspiration for design comes frrom her interest in the sciences, Particularly that of the human body and astronomy. She is most inspired by topics that have a more abstract conection to fashion, if one at all.

Her graduate collection ‘Hypnagogia’ is inspired by the hypnagogic state. This is the state between wakefulness and sleep, it is a state many people do not realise they have experienced. Hypnagogia can be identified as the feeling of falling that may jolt you awake as you are falling asleep. Her collection focuses on the use of print and draped garments to depict the state of hypnagogia. Prints are made from her own photographs and represent the way in which dreaming is a way the brain processes memories. Holly has explored with draped garments in a way she has not done before, mixing drape with garments and fabrics that usually have a distinct structure.