With over 10 years working experience in the luxury fashion design industry from 2008-2019, Odelia Wong, a local HK-based designer who graduated in Luxury and Fashion Management at SCAD Hong Kong in 2018, founded Invisibilis Movere. Invisibilis Moveré launched in early 2019, an experimental design brand linking fashion, art, culture, and expression.

High-valuing the sustainability and (bio)degradability of products, as well as its emotional values and user experience. Their designs are influenced by the urban culture of Hong Kong, reinventing the concept of the wearable works of art, following the founder’s uncompromising modernity.

The brand’s name Invisibilis Moveré implies invisible progress of intensity, value, diversity, and harmony co-existing thought out time. The Latin word moveré, which means “to move”, stems from the Latin word for motivation, it represents persistence in achieving a goal.

Odelia’s undergraduate final collection in 2008, The Invisible Movement, went on to inspire the brand Invisibilis Moveré.