With a passion for exploring controversial and problematic topics of the world Irena’s designs always tell a story in a positive and beautiful way.

During the time when she was pursuing her BA in Fashion Design in Falmouth University, Irena had always been interested in exploring new ways of making garments unique such as using paints or materials not related to fashion at all. The curiosity of human existence and everyday life always drives her ideas and designs.

As a graduate, She continued pursuing and exploring a topic that is discarded from society because of their controversial nature as well as pushing her interest in unusual materials and her passion for deconstructing classic garments. She hopes that her contemporary vision will help her establish her name as a designer and her brand ACTPOHABT (astronaut) on the market, with her fresh and more conscious designs.


Models: Divna Stancheva

Yuliyana Georgieva

Ekaterina Slogina

Photographer: Daniela Yordanova